How Barter can work for the Automotive Industry

automotive industry

There are a large number of car dealerships, secondhand car dealers and garages offering repairs and the choice can be overwhelming for a customer.

As a business owner in the industry you know the importance of word-of-mouth advertising and the need to develop a number of repeat customers.

At Yewtrade, you will receive new business you wouldn't have otherwise have had if you were not a member of Yewtrade. Since Yewtrade members are looking to spend their Yews you will have a very good opportunity to also retain these customers giving your business a competitive edge.

If you have cars stuck on the forecourt or empty bays in your garage then let Yewtrade bring you additional customers to help maximise your potential and keep your employees busy.

Instead of spending cash on expenses such as advertising, printing, uniforms, property maintenance and employee incentives you can now use your trade revenue for these, and other, expenses and keep your most valuable asset, cash, in the bank.