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Explainer Video

Watch the following short explainer video to get a quick overview of what yewtrade can do for your business and then look at the other resources on the site to answer any questions you may have. You can also contact us directly and speak to an advisor who will be happy to answer your questions.

Introductory video

Spare Capacity Videos

Watch the following set of videos to find out what spare capacity is and how you can maximise the value of this important asset.

Introductory video
Why You Should Care About Your Spare Capacity ?
What is Your Spare Capacity?
Reducing Your Spare Capacity By Advertising
The Advantages of using yewtrade

How it Works

Watch this set of videos to understand how being a member of yewtrade will increase your business's turnover and profit as well as improving your business's cashflow.

Introductory video
21st Century Bartering
Generating Additional Income
How to spend your Yews
Improved Profitibility
Conserving Cash In Your Business
The Positives for Your Business
Extra Word of Mouth Advertising
Who Benefits from Yewtrade
Get A Discount On All Your Business Expenses
Newtwork Value Of Members
Achieve Your Business Potential