Why Join?

At yewtrade you will have access to new potential customers for your product or service. You will conserve cash in your business while you pay for expenses with your own goods and services that you would ordinarily have paid cash for.

Trading is a management tool that improves your bottom line. By joining you will be able to

  • Fill downtime in your business
  • Improve your cashflow and keep cash in your bank
  • Pay for your expenses with your own goods and services
  • Increase your turnover and profits
  • Move excess inventory
  • Get new customers and extra word-of-mouth advertising
Your success is important to us and your Account Manager will work with you to ensure that your business makes the most of the opportunities being a member of the exchange provides.

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Benefits of Joining

Yewtrade is a digital barter business exchange with a very profitable twist. Yewtrade guarantees you new business and more profit whilst conserving cash within your business. Instead of using hard cash as its currency, it allows you to pay for your business expenses with your own goods and services.

Rather than selling your goods or services for cash only, you sell them to our members in our own currency called trade pounds. They pay you in trade pounds or a blend of cash and trade pounds and you use the trade pounds to pay for things you need for your business or life. This means you effectively use your goods and services to pay for business expenses and therefore get a large discount on all your expenses making you more profitable and conserving cash in the bank.

Increase Profits and Turnover

Fill up some of your spare capacity with new business you otherwise wouldn't have had and increase your turnover. You can then use these extra trade pounds to pay for expenses you would ordinarily paid for in cash. The net result is you end up with more cash profits.

Discounts on Expenses

Whenever you pay for business expenses with trade pounds (Yews), you get a discount equivalent to your gross profit margin.

Guaranteed New Customers

Joining Yewtrade will give you access to a ready made, ready to trade business base with which you can network and trade in cash or in trade or in a blend thereof, as it suits you. Use your trade coordinator to help you find businesses that you would like to trade with and work with them to facilitate introductions to those to whom you pay cash and who you believe would benefit from joining in.

Keep Your Cash in the Bank

Many of us have vast bills to pay before getting anywhere near into profit. Being able to use Yewtrade to pay for goods and services which we need to run our businesses and for our own leisure will alleviate massive cash flow pressure and help you navigate through pretty tricky times. This means that you can conserve cash within your business or personal bank account to weather any lurking storm.


As a member you will be added to the directory so other members, who are financially motivated to buy from you will be able to find you.

Pay For Expenses with your Products or Services

One of the benefits of barter is that you pay for your expenses with business you otherwise wouldn't have had.